It's been nearly a month since my last update and now I have to cram all the events of the last four weeks into a few paragraphs on here. First and foremost, Cody's graduation. My little brother is (get your hankies ready) officially a high schooler now. Here is a picture of him getting one of his academic awards (he received several but I think this may be the math medal)
Cody at his Middle School Graduation

On a slightly happier note, my family threw me a big going away party. There was a massive gathering of relatives and all the little ones got to ride the train at Noccalula while the grown ups milled around. Here is a picture of me with everyone except my poor Pawpaw who was taking the picture for us
My people in Alabama

Enough about parties and such though. I need to give a few words of warning/advice to everyone who reads my blog and may intend to comment on it at any point in the future. For the next 27 months I have no political or religious opinions. I may occasionally mention things as they pertain to my life in Togo, religious festivals or political rallies that I run across, but I will NOT give my personal opinions on them and I ask that you not do so either. There are two reasons for this. One is my own personal reason, I don't want silly fights breaking out on my blog between my friends who are from different religious or political backgrounds. The second (and primary) reason is that it makes my work in Togo less safe. If you have anything to say about either of these topics or would like to rant ("Really Charity, I can't believe you let them sacrifice a chicken to protect your home") then please do so privately by emailing me at

Also, if I don't know you and you've stumbled across my blog on Google or something and you've never commented or made yourself known on here...don't email's creepy and weird

I probably won't update again before arriving in Togo and starting my training. I wish you guys all the best and hope to get lots of emails and letters keeping me up to date on life back here in the states.